Joshua Goldberg

COO & General Counsel

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Joshua is one of the founding principals of Financo, following its separation from Lehman Brothers and re-establishment as an independent firm in 1989. He has extensive experience in investment banking advisory work at both Financo and Lehman Brothers, including M&A, fairness opinions and restructuring. In addition to his role as Financo’s COO & General Counsel, Joshua chairs the firm’s Engagements Committee and Fairness Opinion Committee. He also assists with and advises on complex M&A and private equity transactions and negotiations, and he oversees securities industry compliance matters.

Joshua has specialized in the consumer, branded goods and retail sectors throughout his investment banking, private equity and legal careers. He has also served in executive roles in private equity (as a founding principal at both Mercantile Capital Partners and Altamont Capital Partners, each consumer sector private equity funds), and he has experience across a range of legal practice areas (M&A, corporate, securities, Alternative Dispute Resolution). Retail is truly in his blood, having worked extensively in his formative years for the Stop & Shop supermarket chain, which his family founded and ran for 70 years. Joshua received a BA from Harvard College and a JD from Harvard Law School.

What drives your passion for working in the Consumer sector?

Having grown up in, and worked for, a family business (grocery stores), I find no sector more integrally involved in the everyday lives of human beings. There is nothing more basic to our existence than being a provider or recipient of consumer products or services. Everyone can identify with the consumer space – but when you become immersed in it as a long-term expert, you see trends, characteristics and factors that are often overlooked by the average person. Being able to share these insights with clients in ways that help them achieve their medium- and long-term strategic, tactical and financial goals is most rewarding. Plus… the sector is just plain fun.

What was your first job, and how has it influenced you today?

I worked in Stop & Shop’s meat processing facility (thankfully, not a slaughterhouse… but rather the facility that broke down meat for presentation as store usable cuts). The job entailed intensive work for 11 hours a day. It provided me with an understanding of labor relations and the needs and desires of working-class folk. It also enlightened me to the challenges of understanding how profits and losses can be misunderstood in complex supply-chain and manufacturing units of a consumer company. It was an experience combining both sweat and education, the likes of which I never saw again.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Before you respond with anger, before you show another how tough you are, before you assume that another is acting out of ill-will or bad intent because they appear to be wrong or have treated you poorly, stop, take a breath, and apply the Golden Rule: never treat another in a way you would not wanted to be treated yourself. You will be astounded at how often it turns out that acting graciously, empathetically and patiently in conflicts ends up bringing folks together and reaching a better consensus. The empathy gene is most important of all.  

Where can we find you when you’re outside the office?

Since COVID-19, hiding under my blanket…

Before COVID-19 (and someday after…?!), sailing or meditating on a bluff overlooking Mashpee Pond on Cape Cod.